June 25, 2021

A risk assessment for your business infrastructure

The pressure to provide an efficient business infrastructure is continuous across the capital markets. From the trading desk backwards the flow of work needs to be as clean as possible, yet the complexity of the capital markets make this difficult to achieve.

I've personally experienced the dilemma of having to choose between in-house, external and outsourced solutions for trade processing and the compromises these bring.  A new whiitepaper from Prodktr sets out a framework based on risks to underpin decisions on updating your business infrastructure. In the paper they set out categories of risk which need consideration including:

  • Economic
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Operational
  • Reputational
  • Regulatory

The paper is aimed at the C-level such as COO, CTO, CIO and maybe CEO with a couple of self-assessment pages to stimulate discussion at that level. Prodktr then describes their multi-step approach to conducting a risk assessment, which leads into a design for your future business infrastructure based on an impact analysis of risks you face. 

John Read, Founder of Prodktr said to OTC Space: “Firms can’t let the grass grow around their trading systems and workflows – new technology and competitive pressure means firms need to invest to transform. We’ve worked with firms who realise that what was state-of-the-art five years ago has been superseded already. There are so many ways to assemble a processing environment now which can reduce cost and increase efficiency, we wanted to provide food for thought into the market place.

An announcement about the whitepaper is here with the free download page here.

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