November 6, 2016

An Interview With Christian Nentwich, CEO of Duco

The OTC Space met with Christian Nentwich, CEO of Duco to ask some questions about the firm, and the effects of technology on banking.

Christian Nentwich founded Duco relatively recently as one of the new wave of FinTech firms looking to go beyond traditional technology solutions. In a short space of time Duco has gone from being a tiny tech idea to a substantial business, with a bright future. We met with Christian to find out more about Duco and his views on data and technology. Topics discussed include:

  • [00:26] What was the original idea behind Duco?
  • [00:53] What tipped Duco into success?
  • [01:17] How do banks take ownership of their key assets, data?
  • [02:17] Have you come across firms who are inverting their view of data and apps? (from data within an app, to apps which act upon a pool of data)
  • [03:06] What sort of controls do firms put in place to control data quality?
  • [03:55] How is banking changing due to technology?
  • [04:54] Can you see a trend for the use of third party platforms and utilities increasing?
  • [05:52] How do you see Duco evolving?

Use the time codes above to dip into the video and let us know your feedback on Christians views in the comments below.

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