October 23, 2014

Appeal For Help | SEF Terms and Conditions

I have had an enquiry from a US investment management firm, who is beginning to engage with SEFs. The firm has been reviewing the rulebooks from certain SEFs quite closely, and have concerns over a number of issues, which they'd like help with:

  • Personal liability of their staff
  • Indemnifying staff against legal issues with the SEF
  • Inspection of their own Books and Records by the SEF
  • Suitable training for staff who engage with the SEF
  • The definition of 'supervised persons'
  • The indirect trading model

From seeing a longer list this seems like an opportunity for a similar buy-side firm to help out on a call, or else a law firm to advise on the real-world implementation of the SEF rule books. If anyone has experience of the legal and compliance side of a SEF rule book for a small investment management firm, and can spare an hour on a call, contact myself directly first and I will put you in touch with our mutual acquaintance.


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