June 6, 2012

Apple things

A few Apple related points, I have to get off my chest:

  1. Organise multiple windows on your screen using Divvy – genius
  2. Make the green blob maximise a window (instead of the weird random OSX behaviour) with RightZoom (scroll down for the download)
  3. iTunes Match is a pig
    • Unusable on 3G, try waiting for a song to download whilst zooming along on the train (or even stationary)
    • Doesn’t sync cover art unless you play a track, more delays
    • Stupid pop up warning when it can’t download a track
    • Random delays playing tracks, even on Wifi
    • Can’t go back in a shuffle sequence (which you can if you switch this pig off)
    • I really don’t like it
  4. WWDC next week
    • Lightweight Macbook Pro would be fab
    • Make multi-monitor setup work in Lion, it’s rubbish right now (some windows get stuck beneath the menu bar, try unplugging a second monitor and get your windows scrambled afterwards)
    • Siri on the iPad
    • And FFS can they fix the iOS mail client to not pop-up 58 warnings when the phone doesn’t have internet access and has to repeatedly tell you it can’t fetch your mail. What jerk designed that?
    • Put the bluetooth on/off button somewhere easy to get to
    • Change ‘airplane’ mode which is an Americanism, to Aeroplane, which is British.

That’s enough Apple stuff for now.

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