November 25, 2011

Best Beer in the World

Whilst I try to stick to the exciting world of derivatives, I feel I need to do you all a favour. On a recent trip to Yorkshire I came across a Spanish beer, served in a Spanish restaurant unlike anything I’d consumed before.  The unusual part was the beer being served icy cold in it’s large wine bottle shaped, err, bottle. But also recommended to be consumed in wine glasses to get the full aroma, which the lady proprietor provided.

My partner Marion who likes beer, also shared the bottle, to go with the excellent Tapas we ate, at the Castlegate Taberna in Pickering. You can see the beer on their wine list, look for “Inedit” at £8.95 per 750ml bottle. Most bottles of beer in the UK come in 300ml units, so the Inedit is equivalent to 2.5 ‘normal’ beer bottles, so about £3.58 a bottle.

Before I go on, I should explain the reason this beer is so good, the main fact is the ‘designer’, which is Ferran Adria, the owner of the world’s best restaurant, the El Bulli in Spain. Here’s the description from the Inedit website:

Inedit is a unique coupage of barley malt and wheat, flavored with coriander, orange peel and liquorice.

Inedit is the first beer specifically created to accompany food. It is born from the conviction that a beer that could be paired with the utmost respect to the best cuisine was necessary. That is its aim and its virtue, and that is what makes Inedit different, special and unique.

Has been created by Damm brewmasters, heirs to a century-old tradition, and developers of highly appreciated beers, and by Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler and El Bulli’s sommeliers’ team.

The reason I mentioned Marion is that her tastebuds are much better than mine – she could detect the subtle flavours of the beer, which really does go very well with food (Not that I can’t appreciate the flavour, but ladies will love this beer too). The beer has the appearance of a blonde german Weiss Beer, although not as cloudy. It doesn’t have the bite of a Cobra or Tiger, and has a soft effervesscence and head.

I’ve recommended this beer to colleagues, one of which can’t get enough of it, and another who’s family and friends love it, but he’s allergic to it, for some weird reason. If you are in the UK, with some googling you can buy Inedit by the bottle or case, from Beers of Europe Ltd here for £4.89 per 750ml bottle (equivalent to £1.95 per 300ml bottle), or better by the case (12 bottles) for a total cost including next day shipping for £64, equivalent to £2.13 per 300ml bottle, a bargain.

You can consider this an early Christmas gift from me – I’ve got a case on the way, so should you.

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