October 27, 2011

Books for sale

A variety of topics here, no set prices, make me an offer.

  1. Nouriel Roubini, Crisis Economics: written post-Lehman
  2. Lewis Pinault, Consulting Demons: if you’re in consulting, you need to read this on what it was like to work at Boston Consulting Group, a classic
  3. Tom Bower on Bernie Ecclestone “No angel”: If ever a title were more true, it would be hard to find. Very relevant to todays F1
  4. David Thorne, The Internet is a Playground: The book of the website at
  5. FX & MM guide: everything to do with FX, loans, deposits, LIBOR, funding etc.
  6. Satyajit Das, Swaps and Financial Derivatives, 2 volume box set, 1500 pages: Every last detail on rate swaps, how they work, how to price them, plus nearly all other OTC products. Dated a few years back but still relevant. Plenty of juicy formulae for those that like them.
  7. XCode 3: Programming for the iPhone, the whole app dev environment
  8. iPhone SDK 3 programming: All the details of how to make the iPhone order your morning tea and toast via the web

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