April 27, 2012

Central Counterparty (CCP) Risk Ratings

Spotted this on LinkedIn – it’s going to be interesting to see how this can be achieved without being provided with internal information from the CCPs themselves. Original piece here.

Thomas Murray CCP Risk Ratings

Thomas Murray on the back of industry demand from GCMs, investment banks, global custodians and other interested parties has rolled out a programme to assess CCPs. This service mirrors its existing CSD Risk Ratings and Capital Market Infrastructure Risk Ratings activities (operational for over 10 years).

The CCP Risk Ratings service is a global program that defines key risks and related criteria against which each CCP is assessed. The output provides participants with a risk assessment, supporting validated data and on-going surveillance as to a CCPs effectiveness in eliminating risks associated with transactions processed by it.

The objective of the service is to bring transparency to the industry for the benefit of participants and offer cost savings to groups required to perform due diligence and risk assessments on CCPs that they use. This has becomes increasingly critical as the industry is mandated to use CCPs when transacting in cash, exchanged traded and OTC derivative products.

via Thomas Murray – Central Counterparty (CCP) Risk Ratings.

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