February 24, 2015

FOW Trading – Amsterdam 2015

FOW returns to Amsterdam on 17 March 2015 continuing in its successful expanded format to look at the central themes affecting the Dutch market.

FOW Trading

Amsterdam 2015

Tuesday 17th March 2015 – Hilton Apollolaan Hotel

FOW returns to Amsterdam on 17 March 2015 continuing in its successful expanded format to look at the central themes affecting the Dutch market.

Guests, speakers, moderators and panelists will include the following people, including The OTC Space Editor, Bill Hodgson:

  • Albert J. Menkveld: Professor of Finance, VU University Amsterdam
  • Andy Nybo: Principal, Head of Derivatives Research, TABB Group
  • Bill Hodgson: Editor, The OTC Space
  • Carolyn Jackson: Partner, Katten
  • Ed Haravon: COO, Spot
  • Gareth Ryan: Managing Director, IUR Capital
  • Gary Delany: Director of European Marketing, OIC
  • Gary John Baptiste: European Head of Sales, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank
  • Gijs Nagel: Director, DeGiro
  • Harold Duineveld: Managing Director, Audacity Capital
  • Ian Steddon: Associate Director, Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities, Macquarie
  • James Egan: CCO Europe, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank
  • James Skeggs: Head of Advisory Board, Societe Generale Newedge
  • Mathias Österberg: CEO, Estlander & Partners
  • Mike O'Hara: Editor, The Trading Mesh
  • Muammer Çakır: Executive Director, Derivatives Market, Borsa Istanbul
  • Natasha Xie: Partner, JunHe Law Offices
  • Nick Chaudhry: Head of OTC Client Clearing, Commerzbank
  • Patrick Hickey: Head of Market Structure, Optiver
  • Paul Beck: Head of Representative Office France, Eurex
  • Remco Lenterman: Managing Direct, IMC
  • Rex Jones: Product Manager, Eurex
  • Rick Maloney: Sales & Relationship Managing, Eurex Clearing
  • Samantha Page: Director, Futures and OTC Clearing – Sales & Marketing, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Stuart Deel-Smith: Head of Product Development, NLX
  • Willem Meijer: CEO, TOM
  • William Mitting: Publisher, FOW

The full agenda can be viewed and downloaded through the FOW website that has been linked at the bottom of the page; however, we've provided a summarised schedule below:

The conference will be held at the Hilton Apollolaan Hotel, in Amsterdam. The hotel sits canal side close to the old city center, and boasts an award winning restaurant.

Last years conference saw 226 attendees, and a post event survey proved it to be a popular conference; to access the full agenda and register for the event, visit the FOW website by clicking here. Complimentary places are available for banks, brokers, fund, asset management firms, propietary traders and CTAs. For consultants, law firms, technology providers and exchanges, tickets cost €675 (£495, using the exchange rate as of the 24th Feb).

The conference will be followed by the Dutch Financial Services Gala dinner, and for more information regarding this please contact Ferry Boekholt at

For general enquiries, Helen Seidenberg can be contacted at


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