February 29, 2012

Happy trainees

Last week I successfully delivered a three day course on central clearing to 11 individuals, with modules on Legal and Risk provided by Anna Iversen & Adam Ward at Amunet Partners, and Ed Selby at Lothbury Associates, respectively. You too can enjoy a full understanding of Clearing for OTC products, plus FpML or Rate Swaps via The OTC Space, take a look the Training page for more details. All the material and modules on offer can be mixed, matched and customised to suit your needs. All the material can be delivered in person (wherever you are in the world), via webinar to a group of staff, or via Skype for a one-to-one experience. The attendees rated the two day session on central clearing a 4 / 5, the attendees who stayed for the optional 3rd day rated the whole event a 5/5. Get in touch and have a chat about the modules. The lucky attendees each benefit from the use of a Super-Deluxe Mouse-o-Matic(tm) pad, as shown below. A generous 6mm foam rubber base with a fabric top – makes all your mousing tasks a breeze.

  • Top left: Giant mutant bee, chased me around the garden last summer
  • Top right: Brocket Hall bridge this winter
  • Bottom left: The moon over Welwyn Garden City
  • Bottom right: Giant mutant shield bug, in my parents garden on an echinacea


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