February 20, 2018

ICYMI: Save a Million on Clearing Costs Webinar

Feedback from early registrations is that funding IM, CCP fees and operational costs are a concern. Join us to find out how to manage down all of those drivers.

clearing costs

Clearing is now mandated globally which means for many high volume products their processing takes place via a CCP. With this bifurcation of cleared and un-cleared business, new clearing costs occur, but also from having trades in two environments. In this webinar we are going to consider:

  • Whether your firm should move as much business into clearing as possible
  • Whether your cleared portfolio is big enough to justify a cost reduction programme
  • How client clearing affects cost
  • The options for reducing initial margin and default fund
  • The components of clearing costs including CCP direct and indirect fees, clearing broker / member fees and other add-on fees
  • The many optimisation services available
  • The tools necessary to analyse your cleared portfolio to support a cost reduction programme
  • An action plan on how to start to reduce your clearing costs


Peter Walsh, from Razor Risk, is a banker by trade (ACIB) and a qualified practitioner in managing IT intensive programmes allied to a lifetime of City-based roles and experiences. His experience and knowledge of the risk measurement and management disciplines helps provide clarity; with his background in banking, regulatory compliance and risk systems he is uniquely placed to discuss and describe how technology enablers can be deployed to deliver effective and efficient solutions in the most demanding situations, including the bewildering array of regulations and changes that the FRTB will dictate.

John Lund (JXL Consulting) has worked in capital markets for 15 years+ (10 at Accenture and 5+ as independent consultant). He has extensive experience in derivatives and collateral management having worked both with the sell-side (clearing members) and buy-side (asset managers) and currently focuses on regulatory driven business change. He has previously worked with HSBC, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Accenture.

We promise this will give you considerable food for thought and could easily lead to reduced costs for your business. Scouts Honour.


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