September 28, 2016

Join The Post Trade Forum

Join an interactive discussion and problem solving forum starting in October.

ISDA recently published a paper calling for greater automation and standards in the post trade space. I was puzzled why a paper was needed, given that some ISDA members spend half their lives in working groups trying to solve industry post-trade problems.

Perhaps a wider audience need to get involved with prioritising and solving post-trade automation, which gave birth to the idea of a discussion group for that purpose.

We launched the idea of a Post Trade Forum in this article to which we already have volunteers. 

The plan for the Post Trade Forum is this:

  • Provide a monthly meeting (on-line) where we tackle one specific topic
  • Provide interactivity and discussion, not a one-way webinar, more like a working group
  • We call for discussion points and questions prior to each meeting
  • We invite expert(s) on that topic to provide advice and input
  • We provide an 'open mic' for attendees to ask questions
  • We provide guidance material, slides and papers to support each meeting

Get involved

First: We need to prioritise your headaches and challenges via this one question survey. I've made a screen shot below to show you the format. Please click the link and let us know what's causing you sleepless nights.

Second:  Join the Post Trade Forum mailing list here, we will announce the meetings via this list, and also via the OTC Space website.

Third: First meeting agenda:

We will organise and run an inaugural on-line meeting (in October) with the following agenda:

  1. Survey results on priorities for OTC Post Trade Processing (use this link)
  2. Open discussion on the pain points for the uncleared margin rules
  3. Presentation on preparing for the Uncleared Margin Rules by John Lund from JXL Consulting
  4. Q&A and problem solving
  5. Next meeting date, time and topic

Please join the Forum and lets move the industry forwards.

Best wishes, Bill & The Team.

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