January 18, 2012

Mild blog post says “Barack Obama is an antichrist” and links him to GS & OTCs

A mild mannered blog post I came across here makes links between President Obama, Goldman Sachs, the OTC market, and the arrival of the anti-Christ. I always wondered if the anti-Christ would do chat shows before destroying the earth. I’ve watched the Omen parts 1 2 and 3, there weren’t any OTC derivatives mentioned either, so this blog post can’t be right.


Barack Obama is an antichrist.  He is most certainly not a Christian, though he claims to have come from a “Christian church” that is actually a racist, anti-American and Marxist cesspool.  Obama has championed over 54 million abortions that the Democrat Party is responsible for in America – including outright infanticide; he has either openly mocked the Bible or twisted and distorted its meaning so massively that it is frankly stunning.

….he continues….

Barack Obama is going to cause a financial calamity that will devastate the world and lead to the coming of the four horsemen of the apocalypse as described by Revelation chapter 6.

I’ve given you at least eight hundred and eleven trillion reasons for that conclusion.

The beast is coming.

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