September 15, 2016

Navigating the MiFID Maze | The Video

Enjoy a recording of a recent webiner by George Bollenbacher of CMA, on the complexity faced by your Order Management System in applying the MiFID II rules.

Navigating the MiFID Maze | The Video Recording

On September 2nd George presented a webinar, below you can watch a recording.

George Bollenbacher a partner at Capital Markets Advisors has written an article in Rocket 7 which you can see in the PDF download and eventually on the site, which sets out The Role of an Order Management System (OMS) once MiFID II comes into effect. In this webinar George is going to help you "Find Your Way Throught the MiFID / MAR Maze" as there are many obstacles to be navigated in configuring your OMS in the future.

Venues, dealers, brokers, asset managers and clearing houses – are facing a regulatory crossword puzzle, with some significant penalties for getting any of the words wrong. Many of the challenges start with the applicability of the rules. There are actually three parameters which govern that applicability. The first is the regulatory venue of the investment firm or firms. Second is the regulatory venue and status of any customer for the services. And finally there is the regulatory venue of the instrument(s) involved. When we start combining those parameters, we get a dizzying array of possibilities.

The webinar covered many topics including:

  • The status of firms outside the EU in "third countries" – does MiFID II or MAR apply at all?
  • How does the domicile of your counterparty influence your application of the rules, in combination with your own?
  • The fact that the domicile of the instrument you traded also changes the application of the rules
  • Why this affects Transaction Reporting under MiFID II
  • The relationship between Algorithmic Trading and MiFID II
  • The detection and reporting rules under MiFID II
  • The relevance of new trading venues such as Organised Trading Facilities (OTFs) and Systemic Internalisers (SIs)
  • A matrix showing how all this fits together, and why configuring your OMS needs careful thought, see below

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