January 10, 2014

New Site Is Up

As promised before Christmas welcome to the new website. Please be tolerant of this first phase – the whole site has moved from WordPress to Drupal meaning all the content has been lifted out and dropped into a new system taking considerable effort. The presentation on the home page will have further updates including:

  • Drop down filters for Organisation, Regulation, Channel and Author
  • Sorting by various criteria
  • Reader profiles
  • Hiding articles you don't want to see
  • Showing new articles since your last visit
  • Saving articles to your profile
  • A list view for the home page, a little like an Inbox list
  • An iPhone / Android small screen theme (the new site works reasonably well on an iPad but needs tuning)
  • And as they say, much much more, stay tuned

My request to you is to let me know your feedback, tell me if anything goes wrong, and tell me what else you'd like to see as a reader. Normal service will pick up next week as the trusty team of contributors get used to the new back-end which is considerably different from what we're used to.

Some hints:

  • Click the spaceships (News, Articles, Events, Jobs, Offers) to show and hide the relevant content
  • Use the search box to find what you're looking for
  • Click a story brick to read the full article
  • Once in an article, click the Categories or Tags at the bottom to jump to other related posts
  • For some articles there is a Related posts block at the very bottom too

Give me your feedback via the Contact form or email me direct. 

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