November 17, 2011

Risk Magazine Nov 2011 – Bumper issue on new regulations and clearing

This months Risk paper version has a slew of useful articles on clearing and new regulation:

  • The reaction of non-US banks to the Volker rule
  • The idea of cloning the CLS membership model for CCPs
  • An attach by the Financial Stability Board on the pace of progress in the EU to introduce new regulation
  • A photo of Dan Maguire, his tie not quite done up enough
  • A long article on cross-product margining, crossing bilateral and cleared business and the issues that brings
  • An article on FX clearing, in particular the moves by CME, SGX and LCH to offer NDFs
  • A really revealing article on why the bank Jefferies is suing IDCG over issues with the similarity between OTC IRS and the IDCG equivalent futures contract
  • A big piece on where SEFs are (or not) due to the lack of clarity on the rules from the SEC, CFTC & EU. Plus a double page on where each potential SEF stands.
  • An article on how fund managers have to navigate the new clearing workflow with block trades and allocations (not easily)
  • A long piece about how firms are investing to provide client clearing services, and the usual issues of choosing your buy or build strategy

It’s a bumper issue for these topics. Some or all of these are available on-line from the website if you have a subscription.

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