August 11, 2014

Seriously?? Penny Davenport says ……….. plus 10 steps to career success

Don’t be a jerk and a be a person that makes someone else happy this summer

I had the pleasure, recently, of attending numerous events at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. You’ll have read all about the Games being “the best games ever”. I only have London 2012 as a benchmark but I have to say we had a thoroughly brilliant time. The sport, as ever, was pure and honest, with the few cheats being weeded out. The cheers from the crowd were as loud for the sporting giants like the Brownlee Brothers as they were for those bringing up the rear like the Mauritian triathletes who basically had to complete each leg on their own they were so far behind. The Scots love their sport, and a good time, and hearing 50,000 quite “lively” people shouting for “Uganda” in the Rugby Sevens at Ibrox early one Sunday morning is a memory that will last a long time. As with London, the Gamesmakers, or as in this case, the Cyldesiders, really do play a major part in creating a special atmosphere. These volunteers give their all for the joy of it, and it shows.
The motto of the Games was, “People Make Glasgow”,  and it was true. It started me thinking that really, “People Make ……….. Everything”.  Certainly, at work and in our careers, what we do, achieve and enjoy is shaped to the very largest extent by the people we work with. Very few people can truly work alone and the majority do not enjoy it either. Personal relationships make a big difference to our sense of satisfaction, or otherwise, at the end of every day. So, People, you can Make Work Great by considering those around you and paying attention as to how you can work better together to achieve more and have a better time. An article I read recently suggested that in order to improve our lives, we should “not be a jerk.” It’s a good and simple thought to carry. “Am I being a jerk in terms of how I am behaving?” Someone I know hasn’t spoken deliberately, to his colleague for 2 months. Seriously?? Try not to be a jerk today and make someone’s life better.
If the work environment is more harmonious, it gives us a better platform to achieve career success. If you have followed my steps 1 through 4 towards achieving career change and satisfaction, you will now understand what your career goals are, what you are good at and what you love to do. Now, start to create a picture of what you could be doing career-wise. Brainstorm a list of jobs. Search the internet using random thoughts. Your university careers library will be filled with job options you've never thought of. At this stage, you want to make a long list, including jobs you may not be qualified for. Don't be self-critical with your ideas. 
Mull your ideas over during these lovely summer days. Come back refreshed ready for a big push through to the end of the year. Don’t be a jerk and a be a person that makes someone else happy this summer.

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