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The OTC Space website has evolved from one person’s way of tracking change in the OTC market into a site visited by thousands of professionals a week to be informed and educated about the capital markets.

Centred on the OTC markets, the site also includes relevant and related news and articles on repo, cash and exchange traded markets. The site provides practical insight - rather than journalistic ‘angles’ and headlines - into topics ranging from trading through settlement, market structures and utilities, trading participant business models and the regulatory reforms in play on these.

Rocket Magazine was launched in 2014 and has been a great success. Rocket distinguishes itself from other magazines in that it gathers leading thinking from market experts and provides analysis and articles seeking to demystify, explain and provide understanding of the market - how it works, the mechanics, infrastructure, products, pricing and processes. It contains expert knowledge from people working within the industry, that in many cases have to live with the practical issues raised by new regulations, new processes and services.

The capital markets continue to transform in response to greatly increased regulation. As a result public discourse on proposed regulation, the impact of changes, and the many approaches to implementing change to achieve compliance, thrives.

How do individuals or firms become part of the public discussion, and transform engagement into sales? We’d like to suggest a variety of options that fit the complete lifecycle from product conception to finalised sales.

We see the product launch lifecycle falling into a series of categories:

  1. Development of your product: What is it for? Who will benefit? How will you monetise it?
  2. Going to market: Creating and executing a plan to go public and launch
  3. Engaging the market: Making your presence known, achieving understanding of your offering
  4. Lead generation: Finding your customers and opening the door to sales
  5. Social media: Developing a credible and interactive presence on-line for our brand & offerings
  6. Credibility: Achieving positive acknowledge as a contribution to the market
  7. Meeting your audience: Getting your message out on-line

Return On Investment

To see a real return on marketing, you need to make sales. We offer the following methods to deliver leads to your firm as a result of our partnership:

  • Content production:
    • We provide the means to create content (articles, videos, slides, printed publications) which are yours to own and distribute as you see fit
  • Engagement tracking:
    • For content published on the website, we gather and provide back to you details of readers
      • Name & Email address
      • Job title / Functional Role
      • Employer / Employer Type
      • Region in the world
      • Number of years experience
    • We provide this in Excel which you can quickly filter to refine down to real sales prospects for follow up

Maximising the use of Content / Lead generation


The return on your investment must be Sales, which derive from engagement with the audience. Using a variety of formats we can provide you with direct feedback where we track the audience.

Site Performance

Feedback from the publishing market suggests that subscriptions to paid magazines have been dropping this year. Our site audience has remained steady with the usual peaks for certain articles and troughs during holidays.. The charts below show the daily number of pages viewed on the site, and the proportion of visitors who are new.

Page views per day

Proportion of new visitors to the site

Registered Reader Growth

The number of registered readers has steadily grown during the year - new content drives registrations, and the flow of articles for Rocket brings in new readers, plus a Webinar in November which showed a boost.

Readers Split by Region and Company Type

Below is the split of readers by organisation type and location, a healthy mix of buy-side, sell-side and other specialist firms visit the site.

Ask Us For More Information

We can provide a detailed drill down into the reader data showing the specific firms in each category, and the list of readers, apart from their direct contact information, to comply with the UK Data Protection laws.

Your Goals and Our Services


Your Goals

Our Services

Product Development

  • Develop a new product or service
  • Define customer needs
  • Define a pricing model
  • Evaluate potential demand & market size
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Market needs analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Market size analysis

Go to Market

  • Define a launch timeline
  • Develop marketing materials
  • Define a social media strategy
  • Define an event strategy
  • Test marketing
  • Input to marketing messages
  • Input to marketing materials
  • Design of marketing materials
  • Selection of social media channels
  • Testing of materials

Market Engagement

  • Create marketing content
  • Publish content & track engagement
  • Engage interactively on-line
  • Organise and run events
  • Writing of content
  • Engagement with websites and magazines
  • Gathering and tracking engagement statistics
  • Event management


  • Develop a target customer list
  • Open doors to target customers
  • Develop and engage sales leads
  • Deliver key product and service information
  • Receive and analyse customer feedback
  • Close sales
  • Bring our existing customer relationships
  • Meet with target customers
  • Representation at market events
  • Positioning of your product or service
  • Independant endorsement of your offering
  • Feedback from public events and customer meetings on your offerings

Social Media

  • Have a credible presence on-line
  • Develop branding and presentation for on-line platforms
  • Have a presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tabb Forum, News sites
  • Engage journalists
  • Engage social media writers and commentators
  • Strong expertise of delivery via social media platforms
  • Website design
  • Integration of automated content delivery across platforms
  • Building a following on social media platforms
  • Operation of social media accounts
  • Tracking of statistics on engagement


  • Be seen as a real solution
  • Speak with a credible industry voice
  • Lead with intelligent content
  • Match your offerings to perceived market issues
  • Private exploration of your market perception
  • Content generation as long form or short form thought pieces
  • The use of our expertise to develop your on-line voice
  • Independant feedback on your marketing messages

Meet your audience

  • Reach your target audience
  • Distribute content globally
  • Reach senior decision makers
  • Stand out from your peers
  • The OTC Space website
  • An audience of 3,000+ people
  • A track record of working with market leading firms


Sample Campaigns & Pricing


Maximum reader engagement needs a continuous campaign of content, delivered via multiple channels, including web, print, video and in-person. Once engaged in a partnership we offer a ‘buffet’ approach to mix and match how we bring your firm to market to generate leads.

A typical ‘Buffet’ campaign gives your firm the freedom to pick and choose when and how to engage with the audience. For each topic or article we would maximise engagement and leads by scheduling:

  • A video interview about the topic of the article
  • An appearance in Rocket magazine (print and downloadable PDF)
  • Publication with reader tracking on the site
  • A webinar to follow up the article
  • A Leaderboard and/or a skyscraper advert to alert visitors to your content

Existing Sponsors

The firms below have worked with The OTC Space during 2014 and 2015 to grow their market presence and receive leads.  Activities have included:

  • Ghost writing articles for them, and publishing
  • Running webinars
  • Running a conference in Stockholm in 2015
  • Publishing articles in Rocket magazine
  • Creating custom editions of Rocket magazine for events
  • Provided leads including
    • Contact details
    • Employer / Employer type
    • Job title / Functional role
    • Region
    • Years of experience

To find out more and to discuss your needs with us, complete the contact form below.

You can find out more about our readers by visiting our 'Reader Statistics' page, here.

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