April 26, 2016

Survey Closing Soon | Industry Readiness For Bilateral Margin Rules

Find out where you stand versus your peers by completing this survey on preparations for the bilateral margin rules.

Our industry is rushing to prepare for September 2016 and March 2017 – whether adopting new software platforms, modifying trade processing systems, creating new procedures, and especially putting in place the new margin agreements required. Would you like to know how your firm compares to others in your approach to this problem? Axiom are preparing a receive a report which covers topics such as:

  • The state of preparedness of firms planning processes
  • The size of budget being spent to prepare for these regulations
  • How firms are handling inactive or expiring counterparty relationships
  • The extent to which firms are using automatic contract terms extraction
  • The level of confidence firms have in the ISDA protocol for these regulations
  • What approach firms are taking to implement new or amended CSAs
  • Sentiments about timing, resourcing, outsourcing and compliance to meet the regulations
  • Whether firms think these new regulations will bring a reduction in risk overall

By providing your own answers to 13 questions, about 5 minutes effort, Axiom will provide the results of this survey directly to you, enabling you to benchmark your firms approach to everyone else.  To add your data to the survey, click on over here, the survey will remain open throughout April, with results shortly after.

I enourage OTC Space readers to participate, as the results will make for interesting reading for all of us. The requirement to apply VM and eventually IM to all un-cleared OTC business is a fundamental change, which needs to be understood better.


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