The 2017 OTC Derivatives Summit Meetings and a New Partnership

Did you know that a group of senior buy- and sell-side people meet in private each year to freely debate the state of the OTC market, and hear from regulators
December 19, 2016 - Editor

Did you know that a group of senior buy- and sell-side people meet in private each year to freely debate the state of the OTC market, and hear from regulators on the future direction of regulations?

For the past ten years senior figures from the buy- and sell-side have met in private to discuss their business models, regulations and operational challenges surrounding OTC derivatives instruments. Those who know about this event will be aware it is held at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Surrey UK, and that for the past four years a similar event has been held on the East Coast of the US in New York and lately Washington DC.  We are busy planning the 2017 events with new ideas for the agenda, a new magazine to accompany each event and a website from which you can learn more.

The OTC Derivatives Summit meetings have been specifically designed to provide delegates a private space in which to form opinions, solve problems, and debate contentious issues. The agenda is led by the Advisory Board who represent the state of the market from a buy side perspective. We consult closely with the Advisory Board to understand the key priorities for their firms, in order to develop conferences of the greatest practical value.


  • Represent senior practitioners from across the industry
  • Are exposed to unrestrained opinions on the good, bad and ugly aspects of participating in the OTC derivatives markets
  • Are encouraged to air their most demanding questions and have them answered
  • Find out how their peer group are confronting common challenges
  • Meet a group from across the world, not just Europe or the US


We design an agenda to address key industry problems and include a mix of sessions including speeches, panels, presentations and workshops to suit each topic. During each meeting we run at least one workshop and breakout session where a leading industry figure poses a practical scenario and individual groups learn from one another in tackling how they would resolve it. In addition, extensive use is made of the electronic audience polling system, which provides instant research on delegates’ views on key issues.

What makes this special?

These meetings have been entirely focused on the quality of the sessions, the seniority of the people, and the value of meeting in person. The events are deliberately less commercial than others – without an exhibition –  and give sponsors close and privileged access to senior industry figures to get their input and feedback, as well as to discuss direct business opportunities. 

Above all, these events gather together a special group of people each year who have found that this format and the content of the meetings makes a contribution to their professional life that other conferences don’t achieve.

Partnership with The OTC Space

For 2017 Institutional Investor are pleased to be working with Bill Hodgson of The OTC Space.  Bill will provide his input to create the agenda for both events, integrating sponsors and independent speakers. A goal for the coming year is to increase the amount of interactivity in the events, using breakout sessions and problem solving workshops to foster engagement between attendees. Bill will also lead the initiative in creating our new dedicated magazine, ‘Summit’, for the events, and for which we are inviting sponsors, speakers and any external firms to showcase their knowledge and expertise to attendees. 

Find out more

We have produced a website to communicate everything you might want to know about the events including Summit magazine at – please visit the site and join the mailing list where we will announce the agendas, speakers and sponsors as we develop the events. To be kept informed as we announce sponsors, speakers and the programme, join the mailing list here.

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