August 16, 2018

The 2018 Initial Margin Industry Survey

Take part in this years 2018 Initial Margin Survey and find out how other firms are planning to implement IM

In their recent paper, ISDA warned that significant problems are inevitable for firms that wait too long to prepare for Initial Margin. This was followed by a white paper from CloudMargin and take aways from the ISDA paper too.

That's why today, OTC Space & CloudMargin have launched an anonymous survey in partnership with IHS Markit that seeks to discover the industry's readiness and gauge the level of understanding about preparing to exchange Initial Margin.​ 

We have cunningly split the survey into three sections to cover the Legal, Risk and Operational aspects of the IM regulations, which you can choose to answer or not, as you move through the survey. We are most interested in responses from firms who are in-scope or think they will be in-scope for the 2018/19/20 September dates. If you are a Consultancy, Software Vendor, Service Provider, or out of scope for the IM regulations, then we'd ask you move on and not participate, thanks.

After the survey closes, a summarized report of the results will be published, which can be used as a benchmark for your implementation plans, and you will also be invited to a series of webinars about the outcomes of the research.

Take the survey by clicking the link below – help everyone figure out where the pain points lie, and learn something in return. Your help is much appreciated,

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