August 11, 2014

The IOSCO Big List of CCPs | Information Repository

A list of all the products and CCPs within the scope of a clearing mandate anywhere in the world.

IOSCO has put out an "information repository" which in plain speak means an XL workbook, which consolidates the clearing mandates in all jurisdictions.  Here is the body of their press release for reference, and more below.

The International Organization of Securities Commissions today unveiled an information repository for central clearing requirements for OTC derivatives, which provides regulators and market participants with consolidated information on the clearing requirements of different jurisdictions.  By providing this information, IOSCO seeks to assist authorities in their rule making and help participants comply with the relevant regulations in the OTC derivatives market. The repository sets out central clearing requirements on a product-by-product level, and any exemptions from them.


The information in the repository will be updated quarterly. Established in February 2014, the repository has been available until now only to IOSCO members.


IOSCO has since gained sufficient experience, and gathered enough information on central clearing requirements, to open the repository to the public.
The information in the repository is for reference only. Interested parties should refer to the original version of the relevant laws and regulations. 


In February 2012, IOSCO released the report on Requirements for Mandatory Clearing in response to the G20 commitment to ensure that all standardized OTC derivatives contracts were cleared through 
central counterparties by end-2012. The report recommended that authorities communicate with one another regarding the implementation of mandatory clearing within their own jurisdictions, and encouraged IOSCO to explore the establishment of a central information repository to consolidate that information. 


IOSCO welcomes suggestions from the public on how to improve the information repository and on other areas that should be covered. Interested parties should write to

The first version of the XL sheet is attached below, but you should check for the latest version by visiting their download page over at

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