May 26, 2015

The Trading Show – Chicago 2015

The Trading Show Chicago is the only event that combines quant, automated trading, exchange technology, big data and derivatives. If you want to do business with the CTO of an automated trading firm, the head of quantitative analysis of a leading bank, the head of global exchange, the global head of derivatives from a leading fund manager or the Chief Data Officer of a financial institution, you cannot miss this event.

The Trading Show – Chicago 2015

Wednesday 3rd June & Thursday 4th June 2015: Navy Pier, Chicago

What sets this particular event apart from any other trading gathering is that consistently over the past five years, the ratio of trading firms to service providers has been by far the best in the sector. If you want to do business with the CTO of an automated trading firm, the head of quantitative analysis of a leading bank, the head of a global exchange, the global head of derivatives from a leading fund manager or the Chief Data Officer of a financial institution, you cannot miss this event.

Now in 2015, with two conference rooms, a seminar schedule, over 50 stands, dynamic formats including roundtables, panels, 1-2-1 partnering, Speed Networking and ping pong, you can be assured there is always something to engage you.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Alan Gandelman: Chief Executive Officer, ATS Brasil
  • Andrew Paul Acosta: Chief Data Scientist, Milesius Capital Resources
  • Andy Ratoff: Content Technology Solutions, FactSet Research Systems
  • Antonio De Lecea: Principal Advisor for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Union Delegate
  • Asif Alam: Head of Enterprise Capabilities, Thomson Reuters
  • Attillio Meucci: Chief Risk Officer, KKR
  • Beto Guerrero: Senior Derivatives Trader, Aberdeen Capital LLC
  • Bob Gaines: Director of Big Data Solutions, Seagate Technology
  • Brad Franklin: Content & Technology Solutions, FactSet Research Systems
  • Brett Schlapfer: Founder & Managing Member, Bullet Hill Capital LLC
  • Brian Peterson: Partner & Director of Quantitative Trading, DV Trading
  • Bruce Zulu: Presales Manager, Datawatch
  • Carlos Saez: Chief Investment Officer, Spot Trading
  • Cheng (Chris) Jiang: Quantitative Analyst, Efficient Capital Management LLC
  • Chiente Hsu: Author & Founder, Alpha Systems Advisors
  • Chris McGuire: Chief Investment Officer, Phalanx Capital Management
  • Dan Spivey: CEO & President, Spread Networks
  • David Jessop: Global Head of Quantitative Research, UBS
  • David Raper: General Manager, Australian Securities Exchange
  • David Rukshin: Chief Technology Officer, WorldQuant
  • David Snowdon: Founder & Co-CTO, Metamako
  • David Waithour: Head of Technology, XR Trading
  • Dejan Kusalovic: Director, Intel Corporation
  • Dennis Aust: Deputy Chief Investment Officer & Director of Research, Ativo Capital Management LLC
  • Derek Tong: Sales Director, Supermicro
  • Derek Wang: Chief Executive Officer, Bell Curve Capital
  • Dr Euan Sinclair: Quantitative Strategist, Bluefin Trading
  • Dr Gart Dayton: Author & Founder,
  • Frederic Boyer: Head of Quantitive Research, Citadel LLC
  • Garrett Nenner: Managing Director, Rosenblatt Securities
  • Gil Tene: CTO, Azul Systems
  • Glen Graham: President & CEO, Golden Point Capital Management
  • Gregg Kaplan: COO, Director of Trading, Andrie Capital Trading
  • Indrani De: Senior Director of Quantitative Research, New Amsterdam Partners
  • Iosif Itkin: Managing Director, Exactpro Systems
  • Jack Ablin: Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, Harris Private Bank
  • James Cawley: Chief Executive Officer, BGC Derivatives Markets
  • James Koutoulas: Chief Executive Officer, Typhon Capital Management
  • James O'Shea: IT Infrastructure & Security, RBC Capital Markets
  • Jason Roney: Principal, Bluegrass Capital Management
  • Jay Feuerstein: Managing Director, Manning & Napier
  • Jay Lawrence: CEO, NexxCom Wireless
  • Jeff Cachet: Director, CIARA
  • Jeff Mezger: VP, Product Management, Perseus
  • Jeremy Zoberman: Senior Manager, Stress Testing, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)
  • Jeromee Johnson: Vice President, BATS Global Markets
  • Jimmy Yang: Global Head of Credit and Operational Risk Analytics, BMO Financial Group
  • Joacim Wiklander: Chief Trading and Data Officer, Aequitas NEO Exchange
  • John Netto: President, M3 Capital
  • John Robison: CEO, Cape City Command
  • John Superson: Co-Founder, Sumo Capital LLC
  • John Thompson: CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Villas Capital Management LLC
  • Jos Schmitt: CEO, Aequitas Innovations
  • Karen Rubin: Director of Product Management, Quantopian
  • Kunal Vaed: Head of Digital Strategy and Transformation, E*TRADE
  • Lee Maschier: Founder, Trillium Trading
  • Leslie Barbagello: President, EOX Exchange
  • Lingjie Ma: Director of Research, BMO Asset Management
  • Louis Lovas: Director of Solutions, One Market Data
  • Malik Corbett: Director of Sales, iSENTIUM
  • Marat Molyboga: Chief Risk Officer, Efficient Capital Management LLC
  • Maria Loukanova: Chief Operating Officer, SAGAT Capital
  • Mark Granzow: Senior Manager, BMO Capital Markets
  • Mark Skalabrin: Chief Executive Officer, Redline Trading Solutions
  • Matthew Reed: Chief Counsel, U.S. Treasury
  • Mehmet Yanilmaz: Partner, Myra Trading
  • Michael Beller: CEO, Tradeworx
  • Michael Koegler: Managing Director, Javelin Capital Markets LLC
  • Mike Madigan: Chief Technology Officer, WH Trading
  • Mike Persico: CEO & Founder, Anova Technologies
  • Milind Sharma: Chief Executive Officer, QuantZ Capital
  • Nigel Young: Chief Technology Officer, Spot Trading LLC
  • Peter Nabicht: President & COO, 12Sided Technology
  • Rahim Esmailzadeh: Head of Quantitative Research, Magnetar Capital LLC
  • Rajesh David: Director, Information Security & Architecture, GE Capital
  • Rashmi Rao: Director, UBS Global Asset Management
  • Ricardo Bekin: CEO & CIO, Ativo Capital Management LLC
  • Robert Creamer: President & CEO, Geneva Trading
  • Samim Ghamami: Economist, Federal Reserve Board
  • Sanjib Sahoo: Chief Technology Officer, tradeMONSTER
  • Scott Ladner: Managing Director, Horizon Investments
  • Seong Lee: Client Engineer, Quantopian
  • Serhan Kovuk: Managing Member, LaSelle Trading Group LLC
  • Shakti Kapoor: Master Inventor & Chief Architect, IBM
  • Sol Steinberg: Founding Principal, OTC Partners
  • Sonny Baillargeon: Chief Technology Officer, Pico Quantitative Trading
  • Sri Krishnamurthy: Founder & President, QuantUniversity LLC
  • Stanislav Radchenko: Senior Researcher, MSCI
  • Stephane Tyc: Co-Founder, Quincy Data and McKay Brothers
  • Steven Harvey: Chief Information Security Officer, HSBC
  • Zoran Perkov: Head of Technology Operations, IEX Group, Inc

The speakers list is available to view through The Trading Show's website by clicking here. The agenda is also available on the website, and we have used this to create a schedule below:

Wednesday 3rd June (Day 1)


Thursday 4th June (Day 2)

The conference will take place at The Navy Pier, which is the among the best attractions in Chiacgo and located along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.


VIP conference pass tickets are currently available for $1,715. The ticket includes the following benefits:

  • VIP Conference
  • Event app
  • Networking
  • Lunch & refreshments
  • Exhibition pass
  • Seminar theatre
  • Cocktail party

For more information, and to book tickets, visit the The Trading Show – Chicago 2015 website by clicking here.

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