March 30, 2016

Video Demo of Riskfocus DTCC GTR Message Validation Service

Watch a short demo of the free message validation service for data flowing into the DTCC GTR

You may have seen this announcement http://www.theotcspace.com/2016/03/21/new-free-validation-service-gtr-submissions regarding a new free service from Riskfocus. 

Firms who need to design and develop a data feed to DTCC will need a testing phase to prove that the data being captured, and the format being used, meets the requirements for the DTCC GTR. DTCC operate trade repositorities for many jurisdictions, which means they are a focus for reporting for some firms.  If you are running a test campaign, the ability to play messages against a 'validator' such as this one, without any contractual obligations, must be useful to de-couple the two. 

Below is a video I recorded to show you how the service works for Business Analysts and Testers who need to run their GTR messages and check they will be accepted by DTCC. I show you the load and validation process for a couple of examples and explain how to dig down into errors to understand and solve them. It's a short video, we hope you like it, for more information email us at support@validate.trade or visit our (free) demo service at ondemand.validate.trade.


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