December 15, 2013

Weekly Roundup | European & General Regulation | 16 December 2013

Dear all,

This will be the last edition of the Weekly Roundup this year. I would like to thank you for staying interested in this and hope you have (at least occasionally) enjoyed the news digest. I would like to wish those of you who celebrate it a very Merry Christmas and all others a joyful festive season.

All the luck, success and health for you and your loved ones in 2014.

Tom Riesack & Tabitha Jay


European Regulation


Bankenregulierung entfaltet Wirkung – Eigenkapital und Liquidität gestärkt – Wachstum im Firmenkunden- und Privatkundengeschäft. VOB: KPMG-Studie.

Smoke-Free Markets

In recent months regulators have increased their focus on detecting and reporting possible incidents of market abuse. Regulation Matters: Smoke-Free Markets.

Eleven EU States to Consider Narrower Transaction Tax

The 11 European Union countries that have pledged to tax financial transactions will consider narrowing the levy's scope to shield pensions, government debt and markets that help to grease the economy, an EU document shows. Reuters: Eleven EU States to Consider Narrower Transaction Tax. 


General Regulation

Regulatory Almanac Part 2: 10 Things to Look Out for in 2014

Key themes:

  • Returning markets to full functionality is a priority for politicians who are now looking for better growth figures
  • Elections in the European Parliament will seriously upset any legislation not passed by Q2 next year
  • Thinning out will occur in many areas but new business models will also become viable in others

Banking Technology: Regulatory Almanac Part 2: 10 Things to Look Out for in 2014.

Asia Beat: Swimming in the Derivative Seas

For an industry that talks incessantly about liquidity, it was only a matter of time before someone reached for the obvious metaphor and likened the global derivatives markets to the world’s oceans. FT: Asia Beat: Swimming in the Derivative Seas.

 Minimum Threshold for OTC Business the Solution to Equivalency Issue

Asian dealers look for a simple solution to the complex problem of equivalence. Risk:  Minimum Threshold for OTC Business the Solution to Equivalency Issue.

Industry Welcomes Cross-Border Discussions on CCPs

Inter-region dialogue is vital to ensuring cross-border derivatives regulation does not stifle Asian markets, according to industry leaders. The Trade News: Industry Welcomes Cross-Border Discussions on CCPs.

Watchdog Warns of Chaos in Competing Derivatives Rules

Failure to thrash out a common supervision of the $640 trillion global financial derivatives industry will split markets and bump up costs for end users, a top regulator said on Monday. Reuters: Watchdog Warns of Chaos in Competing Derivatives Rules.

Segmented Derivative Regulation to Create “Chaos” in the Market

According to Reuters, a lack of congruency between US and EU over how to police the $640 trillion dollar derivative market is causing frustration within Asian Pacific markets, and could lead to serious and expensive consequences. CFTC Law: Segmented Derivative Regulation to Create “Chaos” in the Market.  


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