November 20, 2019

ABN AMRO Selects UnaVista for SFTR and MiFID II Reporting

SFTR reporting goes live in April 2020 when firms will need to report their Securities Financing Transactions (SFTs) to an approved Trade Repository. Designed to increase transparency, SFTR will allow regulatory authorities to assess the risks associated with these transactions.

UnaVista has announced that it has been selected by ABN AMRO Bank for SFTR trade reporting and MiFID II transaction reporting.

ABN AMRO will be using the UnaVista SFTR Accelerator, a data testing tool that allows firms to import sections of the required data to test against ESMA’s latest regulatory technical standards (RTS). Accelerator includes the ability to import data in the ESMA mandated XML ISO20222 format and to reconcile with counterparties for pre-matching.

UnaVista’s Collaborative Reporting solution between ABN AMRO Bank, Broadridge 4Sight, IHS Markit and UnaVista will allow for simple and straight through routing of data directly into UnaVista’s Trade Repository.

Mark Husler, CEO UnaVista, said, “We are delighted to be working with ABN AMRO Bank on such a strategic level. We believe UnaVista can add a lot of value to clients by simplifying the data collection process and by providing the tools to help firms improve their reporting on an ongoing basis.”

Jop Rouw, SFTR Implementation Lead, ABN AMRO Bank said, “ABN AMRO Bank is looking forward in partnering with UnaVista. We like to focus on our core business and fulfil our trade reporting obligations at the same time. With professional partners like UnaVista, we think we can have the best of both worlds.”

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