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Featured image for “FMSB Statement of Good Practice on Trading Platform Disclosures”

June 28, 2022 - Editor

Experts from across the global financial markets reach consensus on how trading platforms should disclose information and produce the FMSB Statement of Good Practice

Featured image for “Regulatory change and data fragmentation are key challenges for 85% of firms”

June 20, 2022 - Editor

Financial firms are investing more in tech to manage increasingly complex regulatory landscape including regulatory change and data fragmentation

Featured image for “Driving competitive advantage from FX TCA to LPA”

June 13, 2022 - Editor

Over the course of the next year, more and more financial institutions will begin shifting away from TCA, towards another three-letter acronym called LPA, or

Featured image for “Three leading banks join CLSNet”

June 9, 2022 - Editor

Three leading banks join CLSNet. CLS today announced that Deutsche Bank, Mashreq and Standard Chartered are at various stages of onboarding to CLSNet.

Featured image for “FMSB – Financial markets misconduct in global capital markets”

June 8, 2022 - Editor

The Financial Markets Standards Board (“FMSB”) today publishes its Behaviour-pattern Conduct Analysis (“BCA”) report on misconduct in global capital markets

Featured image for “Baton Systems Comments on the GFXD Recommendations for Reducing Settlement Risk”

May 31, 2022 - Editor

Baton Systems reaction to the GFXD Global FX Division’s paper discussing recommendations for reducing settlement risk

Featured image for “InsurTech gets fit for the future with PwC’s Scale programme”

May 25, 2022 - Editor

InsurTech gets fit for the future: PwC has launched its 2022 Scale InsurTech cohort, the third group of innovative InsurTechs to join the programme

Featured image for “Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience”

May 24, 2022 - Editor

A new book on how embedded finance will revolutionise the future of fintech, will be officially launched

Featured image for “Staff burnout in banking as a third plan to leave”

May 24, 2022 - Editor

 A third (31%) of financial services and banking professionals are planning to leave the industry due to high pressure.

Featured image for “CME FX Link see 59% increased growth in volumes”

May 23, 2022 - Editor

CME FX Link – the cleared electronic marketplace for FX swaps – is experiencing strong growth